The bow is engraved with three small characters.

Moon-covering bow
Then Sue ink heart move light yi.
There is even a faint light behind the three small characters, and it is difficult to detect the five spiritual lines.
"This is …"
Congenital tattoo!
Su Mo felt a shock in his heart.
He finally white stone top there will be a crack like that.
According to this crack, the direction is exactly the trajectory of the moon. Every night, the moonlight will fall on this big bow to nourish and moisten!
There may be a reason why the owner of the abode of fairies and immortals acted in such a rich environment in the ancient battlefield.
He wants Li Yuehua and ancient reiki to nourish an innate spirit!
Unfortunately, this congenital spiritual tattoo has not really taken shape, which can be regarded as nourishing half.
This moon-shielding bow can be regarded as a quasi-congenital horoscope.
Just then, Su Mo’s warning signs flashed in her heart, and she felt a burning gaze coming over like a thorn in her back.
There seems to be a sudden silence in the stone room.
The moonlight bow flashed five flashes, exposing the eyes of many monks and attracting everyone’s attention!
Perfect spirit!
Even then real people will fight bloody battles!
No one is talking, everyone is breathing heavily …
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Yan Yuewei
Finally, a friar pressed the impatient first hand to pinch the spirit tactic and pointed towards Su Mo.
A hot fireball came against my face.
Bang bang!
The sword sounded everywhere, and several flashes flashed. In an instant, there was a man referred to by the stone firm but gentle sword-Su Mo!
The monks came from different regions and clans, but at this moment they were tacitly United.
It seems that even the six-vein foundation is mortal!
The hot fireball galloped and half of the gas was already burning and making a crackling sound.
Su Mo suddenly stretched out his palm and wrapped his arm around a series of thunder lights, scratching the oncoming fireball with a palm.
The palm of your hand is safe!
This level of spiritual roots can’t threaten Su Mo. It’s almost the same if the seven-pulse preconditions are released.
Seeing this, many monks’ pupils contracted slightly.
Then everyone flowers at the moment.
Sue ink figure has disappeared in situ.
Bang bang bang!
A bloody road emerged from the crowd, and the figures were hit by a huge force, and blood and fog spewed out.
There was a rock fall and the head was broken and the bones and muscles were broken
I haven’t been able to react yet, but I was directly smashed and fell on the spot!
Too soon!
Almost instantly Su Mo had rushed into the crowd.
In this stone room, the Soviet-Mexican melee force can be brought into full play!
On the left, a monk of a big and secluded dynasty cut Su Mo’s footsteps with one knife, and one wrong step cut into the body, which was a punch in the middle of the man’s chest.
The man’s chest collapsed deeply to penetrate the human fracture.
This person should fly, his eyes gradually dim and he was killed on the spot!
Suddenly Su Mo’s body suddenly withdrew and his strength was transported to his back, and suddenly he broke out and leaned against him.
Behind him, a monk collapsed and his figure turned into a mass of blood fog.
Su Mo’s footsteps are constantly changing and moving, and Zhang Xu bends his knees and tramples continuously, trampling a monk in two!
Sticking to the mountain, hanging on the blood, hanging on the ape, printing on the god’s colt, and the dismemberment department are all in the secret book of the Wild Lich King.
These moves are the essence of life and death experience and blood baptism, which brings the power of various lich kings to the extreme.
Everywhere you go in the crowd of Su Mo, you will be upset. It is a terrible enemy to break into people!
In the chaotic battlefield, the warning signs flashed in Su Mo’s heart.
An inaudible noise came from the back of the head. If Su Mo had already got through the double ear points, he could not hear it.
I don’t want to think much about Su Mo spreading out of the ethereal wings and curling up into a ball.
Whoa, whoa!
A touch of blue light passed by Su Mo’s feet, sending out a disgusting stench.
This is a steel needle as thin as ox hair!