I don’t know when the overlord of Silvermoon Valley has come to the front of Ape Tialing Array, staring at Su Mo with an expression and simply saying

More than six overlord behind him.
Hanging sheep peak and Thousand Snake Island, the two overlords, looked at Su Mo with cold eyes.
Yu overlord’s eyes are more curious and playful.
The old ape is also next to it.
He didn’t stop Silvermoon Valley overlord and others are also worried that Su Mo’s impulse is really right for three people. The killer will be difficult to pick up then.
Sue ink eyes swept away to grasp the meaning of the old ape.
In fact, he didn’t intend to kill these three demons.
He came here to practice in a sea of blood.
There is no deep hatred between the two sides. There is no need to offend the three territorial overlords because of the provocation of these three demons!
Su Mo takes back the palm of his hand and faces the overlord in front of him, fuels slightly, and is from calm and supercilious!
To be fair, let alone a low-order demon, even a middle-order demon or even a high-order demon can be watched by seven overlords to maintain this tolerance.
The sharp contrast between Su Mo and Mo is the numerous demons behind him.
In front of the seven overlords, a group of demons were silent and trembling, not to mention the seven overlords looked at each other.
"Good, you are very good!"
Silvermoon Valley overlord eyes flashing with a mysterious Guanghua nodding.
The overlord of Thousand Snake Island also smiled a greasy way, "My little brother has been practicing for more than one hundred years, and I have fallen in love with such a way."
"Give me your life, little beast!"
The silver robe man got up and took a breath. Finally, he couldn’t bear it. A silver moon will suddenly kill him!
He dares to start work naturally because of the overlord of Silvermoon Valley.
A crunchy fan silver robe man’s face.
As soon as his knowledge was condensed, he was smashed by this slap.
Silver robe man was stuck.
Demons are also gaping.
Beating the silver robe man turned out to be the overlord of Silvermoon Valley!
"It’s not shameful enough to get back to me!"
Silver moon valley overlord reprimand angrily to a stared at the silver robe man.
Silver robe men hate to gnash their teeth in anger, and look at Su Mo maliciously, and count this humiliation on Su Mo!
"lax discipline makes you laugh."
Silver moon valley overlord light said 1
The old ape looked as usual, his eyes half open and half closed, like a sitting old monk, and he didn’t say anything.
"Don’t go back? Wait for me to slap you, too? "
The overlord of Hanging Sheep Peak took a look at Hanging Sheep Peak and turned away.
Hanging sheep peak young master can swallow humiliation and follow back.
In a flash, your overlords have dispersed
This conflict ended.
The demons shook their heads and expressed regret, but they all felt that they had not enjoyed themselves.
Su Mo looked at the back of several overlords and his eyes flashed. He didn’t know what to think.
"Overlord you stop me I …"
As soon as I got back to the front of Silvermoon Valley, the Silver Robe Man had to wait for the sound.
Silvermoon Valley overlord interrupted and shouted, "Are you blind when that old ape? How can you succeed in front of him! "
After you come back, the overlord’s face in Silvermoon Valley has been completely gloomy, showing signs of murder!
If Su Mo suppressed the first Lord of Silvermoon Valley, he was a little angry, and he had already moved the flank just after their seven overlords confronted each other!
A low-order demon is so powerful.
I’ve only been practicing for more than a hundred years and I have such a mind. If I don’t kill him, who can stop him in the future!
It’s not impossible for the ape crow ridge to have this demon and destroy his six territories in the future to unify the valley of all demons!
"Overlord, what do you mean?"
Silver robe man asked carefully.
The overlord of Silvermoon Valley glanced at the direction of Hanging Sheep Peak and Thousand Snake Island with a slight sneer. "Don’t look at those old guys. I guess I’m not the only one who killed this demon!"
"We must get rid of this demon when we have a chance!"
Silvermoon Valley overlord narrowed his eyes and didn’t know what to calculate.
Pondering over a little silvermoon valley overlord seems to suddenly think of something. "Do you remember that if you make moves again, you will directly move the Yuan God occult sciences! Don’t fight with this demon, and don’t fight with this demon in close combat! "
The overlord of Silvermoon Valley touched Ba with a sullen face and whispered, "I haven’t seen what this demon body is yet. I guess it’s a big deal!"
At the same time, the major overlords in Hanging Sheep Peak and Thousand Snake Island, including Qixia Valley and Fog, actually closed their eyes and exchanged ideas with their lords.
Ape ridge front
"Be careful, Mo."
The old ape suddenly said, "This time, you are equal to cutting the face of these three overlords. The three of them will be vindictive. I’m afraid there are still successors. Don’t leave me too far from today."
"Well, thanks a lot."
Su Mo nodded.
Although several overlords in Silvermoon Valley are well hidden, they have already noticed the murder in their hearts!