Wu Wensheng grabbed Yuan Ke’s palm and suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Xiao Yuan helped me survive this Jiangnan market. It is you."

"Uncle, don’t worry, I will accompany you through this." Yuan Ke did not hesitate to note.
police superintendent
Wen Yonggang patted the table and roared, "Qin Yu, who made you take the initiative to sweep the gun dens?"
Qin Yu looked at Wen Yonggang, who had been rude, and was more sure that his decision was that the other party had panicked.
"I took someone when I saw a clue."
"What don’t report? !”
"Because I don’t believe Liu Baochen’s sheriff," Qin Yu won’t say that Lao Li told him to do it directly.
"Bullshit. Liu Baochen is your partner and your company. What strength do you have to believe him or doubt him?" Wen Yonggang was furious. "You are deliberately creating contradictions between workers and workers."
"Of course I doubt him favorably," Qin Yu responded in a tit-for-tat manner. "Because two days ago, Liu Duichang was just notified of the punishment by the police inspector police station for accepting bribes, I have every reason to suspect that he may accept benefits from others in the process of handling the case."
“……!” Wen Yonggang gaped at Qin Yu, who was almost never beaten back.
"The gun dens have been swept away, and we caught a man with stolen goods." Qin Yu looked at Wen Yonggang with an expression on his face and said, "All the facts prove that my decision is right. If you think I am good at advocating, let the police inspector intervene. I will cooperate with the deputy director of the investigation. I have something to deal with and I will go first."
Say that finish Qin Yu turned away.
Wen Yonggang stretched out his hand and smoothed his sparse bangs, gnashing his teeth and cursing, "Lao Li, Lao Li, you are so fucking disgusting in front of such a person!" Okay, I’ll play with you. "
Sidui office area
Qin Yu’s words quickly rushed to Zhu Weixiao Thailand Ding Guozhen Fu Xiaohao and others ordered, "Now, don’t worry about anything, just find me that Miao Miao and Da Jun want these two people to be arrested, then Wu Wensheng must be cold because they are the core messenger of Wu Yao company and they must know Wu Wensheng and Yan Kanghe."
The case got to this level except Ding Guozhen and Fu Xiaohao, and his three groups of old people were all very excited in their hearts, because everyone was passive everywhere by Yuan Jia some time ago, not only lost his old horse, but also folded Qi’s house, and everyone was holding their breath to punch each other hard
same evening
Zhu weixiao, Thailand and others didn’t rest. They personally contacted many ground informants to inquire about Miao Miao and Da Jun.
At the same time
Webcast station office building
Lin Nianlei is eating a simple takeaway expression and looking down at the information she made today.
"Yo Xiaolin hasn’t worked yet?" A woman in her thirties stepped over.
Lin Nianlei looked up and smiled and responded, "You didn’t leave Xu Group? I’m working overtime to get a news. "
"Young people just have a hard time," Xu Group said with a smile. "But we should also pay attention to the fact that the body can get old and fast every day."
"I’m ok, no matter how tired I am during the day, I can sleep well at night." Lin Nianlei felt a little strange because this Xu group is usually very cold and doesn’t chat with others easily.
"Yo, just eat this fast food?" Xu group looked down at Lin Nianlei’s food and immediately said with a smile, "This thing is too nutritious, but I didn’t eat it either. Let’s go and invite you to have a snack across the street."
"No, I’m afraid to delay you …"
"Don’t be polite to me." Xu Group smiled. "I’ll go and change clothes and wait for you upstairs."
Say that finish Xu group drifted away.
Lin Nianlei really doesn’t want to go, because this is the first time she has made a big news independently since she joined the company. It is the time when she is full of energy, but it is not good for Lin Hanhan, who is in charge of the column of Naixu Group, not to sell her noodles.
About half an hour later
Xu group led Lin Nianlei to the opposite of the webcast station and entered a cafe frequented by elites.
As soon as they sat in the Xu group in a small private room, they smiled and said to Lin Nianlei, "I’ll go to a health clinic. You can just order me to pay the bill."
"Good Xu Group" Lin Nianlei nodded.
At Xu group pushed the door and left Lin Nianlei bowed their heads and looked at the dim sum menu.
After less than two minutes, Wu Wensheng’s nephew suddenly pushed the door and came in.
"Are you …? !” Lin Nianlei turned her head with a blank face.
My nephew took his shoulder bag from his shoulder and sat opposite Lin Nianlei with a smile and said, "Today, Songjiang North was murdered and Yan Kang met me."
Lin Nianlei suddenly one leng when she heard this.
"Xu Group and I have been good friends for many years, and I also know some leaders of your webcast station." My nephew looked at Lin Nianlei politely and said, "I didn’t come for anything else but to ask you a favor."
"What … what busy?"
"Can you put that news on the air first or can you broadcast it in another direction?" My nephew put the shoulder bag on the chair next to Lin Nianlei, and said euphemistically, "I know all the rules in the bag."
Lin Nianlei blinked her eyes and turned to look at the black leather bag. She couldn’t help but nod and said, "… Souga, the original Xu group limited bags … that’s how it came."
My nephew immediately smiled and replied, "I will definitely send you a package better than Xu Group after the job is done."
Roadside car
Yuan Ke turned around and asked, "Who did you find?"
Bald smell speech didn’t say anything and Xiao Jiugang wanted to open his mouth, and he also stretched out his hand and stopped one.
Xiao JIU twist a head glanced at bald latter obscure shook his head at him.
They looked at each other for a long time, and Xiao Jiu shook his bald palm and said briefly, "I’ll do it."
Bald smell frowned and said nothing.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Bosses are behind the scenes Batman is hard.
Coffee shop compartment
Lin Nianlei looked at Wu Wensheng’s nephew and patted him on the shoulder bag next to the chair and said, "… I don’t even know your last name. How dare I accept such a valuable thing from you?"